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This is a quick review of the CamelBak M.U.L.E. 100 OZ. Hydration Pack often referred to as the camel back mule. If you are interested in buying this item online you can get it at Amazon at this link The positives Well built almost bullet proof in fact from a construction stand point. I have had mine for well over a year, used it hard from hiking to working in the back yard and on the homestead and not a tear, rip or even a loose thread. Huge water capacity, in fact the thing is pretty heavy full so you should only top it off when you are going to need it but 3 liters is a lot of water and if you are hiking with a spouse you can share that much on many day hikes. Cool iPod slot that makes listening to your pod or any MP3 player for that matter really nice. The wires route over your shoulder, the only down side is you have to take it off to turn up the volume, change what you are listening to, etc. Very comfortable to carry, the ventilation on the back is really nice at keeping your back sweat from getting bad or soaking the pack. On hot days this is really a big deal. Great ergonomics, the mouth valve is great, it is easy to add ice to the bladder and the pockets are well divided up with the ability to segregate gear well. Little touches like the key chain clip to make finding keys fast and easy are really nice too. The negatives This isnt really a good wilderness pack while the compartments are really nice the cargo space is quite limited. Not a great pack for the big man, even though it fits me comfortably the straps that are supposed to go around your waist area are a joke. Sure I need to loose a few more pounds (20 this year already though) but even when I am at my ideal weight this thing will never go around my torso. It doesnt really matter though because I cant imagine why this feature is even needed or desired. Other than that it is a great pack and again the quality of construction is simply exceptional.

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If a safe resting place emerges on a hike, try resting with legs elevated to help circulation. Elevate the legs to rest on a trail with an experienced trail guide in this free hiking video. Expert: Joanna Joseph Bio: Joanna Joseph has lived in Canyon Country since 1974. She has been leading hikes in the southwest for the last five years, mostly with Elder Hostel, which includes individuals 55 and over. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips

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Picking hiking trails is easy with these tips. Get advice on backpacking, hiking, and the great outdoors in this video.

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