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Should I use costly down sleeping bag soap or “Green” soap or regular laundry detergent ?

I used to manage a high-end backpacking gear shop so I know the manufacturers’ recommendations. Plus I have owned and washed down bags for years. You can safely use either regular Woolite or Ivory Snow (the detergent, NOT the dishwashing liquid.) Use warm, not hot water and a long gentle cycle. Reset the machine after the rinse cycle to run a second rinse cycle. It also helps to run a second spin cycle after the last spin to extract as much water as possible. Lift the wet bag out VERY carefully, supporting it underneath in a big ball — never grab one end and drag it out because the heavy wet clumps of down can tear loose the baffles that separate the down compartments. I usually find it best, if you have space for it, to leave the bag laid out flat on a beach towel or clean sheet, for a day or two to dry it a little more before putting in the dryer, but this is optional. Place in a dryer (don’t use a commercial coin-op dryer because they get too hot.) Dry on the lowest heat setting possible with NO softener sheet — you WANT static electricity because that fluffs the down. Put a couple of those knobby plastic dryer balls or a couple of tennis balls, even an old clean sneaker, tied inside of thin socks or pantihose and tumble them with the bag to break up the down clumps (these items beat up the nylon fabric too much if you don’t wrap them in the socks.) Be prepared for this to take a while. Depending on how much down is in the bag, it will take from 2 to 5 hours to dry.

Great DOWN Jackets: Save on The North Face Denali Jacket

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Magnum Bear Spray and Hip Holster – 7.9 ounces by UDAP


“Between 1900 and 2003 there were about 52 recorded deaths due to black bears, 50 due to brown bears and 5 due to polar bears” Steven Colbert is constantly saying how dangerous bears are.

Magnum Bear Spray and Hip Holster – 7.9 ounces by UDAP

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Iceland warned of polar bear attacks Jun 24 2008 MARAUDING polar bears could cause terror on Iceland after experts claimed global warming could bring the killer beasts across the sea. The alert came as police there shot two bears in just two weeks. The animals – which are not native to Iceland – are thought to have floated across the Arctic Ocean on ice platforms which broke free from Greenland. Climate expert Thor Jakobsson said: “Since two have reached the shore, more could be on the way.” may I have your comments please.
It doesn’t take a PhD in logic to figure out that the decreased arctic ice will drive the polar bears toward civilization in search of food. As for the uninformed who think we’ll simply shoot the polar bears and everything will be OK, they obviously don’t understand the balance between species. As bear populations decrease, seal populations will increase. Seals eat fish and without one of their natural predators, they’ll eat more fish. The human harvesting of fish from the ocean is already falling on hard times. Do we really need one of our competitors for food to increase in population?

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POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking

Get the DVD !


News article done by Reece Stein in Salt Lake City about trekking poles, featuring Jayah Faye Paley – www.AdventureBuddies.NET With one exception/error (can you find it?) good info.

Duration : 0:2:24

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Run? Stay put? Let the bear attack you? Help!?


That depends on the species of bear that is attacking you, but you never run you always hold your ground and slowly back away.

In black bear attacks it is advised that you fight back. Fight as if your life depends on it.. gouge eyes, ect. Black bear attacks are often predatory and playing dead will be a fatal mistake because the bear wants you dead so it can eat you. I dont know of any competent wildlife expert that advises playing dead with a black bear.

With all other bears it is advised that you hold your ground but if they start to attack you then you should play dead. Grizzly bear most often attack only to neutralize the threat and once you are down on the ground and stop moving then the attack will most likely end.

Of course the best thing to do is to have a magnum revolver and know how to use it.

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Here is a great Eureka tent Eureka Solo Backcountry 1 Tent for a bike or backpacking trek. It is just the right weight at just over 3 pounds and all seams are factory taped making it very waterproof.  It’s a nice tent that can be taken into the backcountry with confidence.  It is a one-man tent and the price can’t be beat! Easy to set up and is roomy and airy.

In fact, here is a 5 star review from the Amazon website for customer satisfaction:

By J Coveleski

“Took a risk buying this tent Eureka Solo Backcountry 1 Tent on my way to my last backcountry hiking weekend on August 17-19, 2007.  It set up quickly with no struggle. I found that if I removed the poles from the stuff sack and packed them vertically I could gain even more space. This tent packs & compresses small. I love it. Ventilation is awesome even with the rain fly. I did get rained on but stayed perfectly dry and NO condensation.  There’s also lots of room and I’m 6’4″ @ 235 lbs, easy to move around, sit up, get in & out. I kept my day pack at the side of my feet IN THE TENT and was not cramped. Temperature dropped at night so I had to put on some extra clothing – plenty of room to shuffle about.  I researched 1person tents for a while and I’m thrilled that I decided on this one.”

And here is another review of 5 Stars:

(By Wayne Angerame)

“Bought this tent Eureka Solo Backcountry 1 Tent for use on a cold weather camping trip at the tail end of winter. Wanted something good; had been dissatisfied with cheaper ones at the discount stores – especially when it plainly said on the box “this tent is not waterproof.” No such problem with Eureka, in fact the important seams on the Eureka are factory taped and it’s very waterproof. It’s a tent that I would take with confidence deep into the backcountry.

Had also wanted something light and sturdy enough for backpacking. Again, dissatisfied with cheap dome tents weighing over 7 pounds; this one is not much more than 3 pounds, being a “half” dome, and is very well constructed. The size is OK for one person; especially easy to get into with the wide side door. The poles and fly worked fine and set up quickly and easily by one person. The fly seems to be necessary for cold weather camping, otherwise there would be too much air flow; with the fly on it feels snug inside. Of course that air flow would be great for warm weather. The short pole for the fly was a bit tight – needed to “bow” it to get it to fit into its slots; may want to use a tube cutter to shorten it 1/4 inch or so.

I like the color; it blends in nice with the woods. For backpacking, will probably replace the steel stakes with something lighter. Then again, I have yet to stake it out. It’s totally free-standing, and even in the wind just a few guy lines kept it in place.”

Eureka Solo Backcountry 1 Tent

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